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What defense options are available for traffic violations?

Most motorists in Georgia and elsewhere will attest that they get anxiety when they share the road with law enforcement. Whether it is a stopped cruiser attempting to catch speeders or an officer traveling on the highway, the last thing a motorist wants is to get pulled over. While it might be for a simple moving violation, such as speeding, some traffic violations are more severe, carrying with them harsher penalties.

Penalties may apply for running a red light in Georgia

Despite their best intentions, many drivers find that they are running late once they get themselves into their vehicles and head off toward their destinations. As Georgia residents know, the roads and highways of the state are subject to speed limits, and when drivers allegedly exceed those limits they may be ticketed and penalized by law enforcement officials. There is other conduct that may be penalized by police officers that individuals may allegedly or inadvertently do when they are hurrying from place to place.

Understanding the Georgia Points System

Everyone makes mistakes. No person is capable of being perfect in their words and actions at all times and in all situations. Because humans cannot achieve flawlessness, the law does not instantly punish all wrongdoers when they commit minor legal infractions. In Georgia this theory is reflected in the driver's license points system.

Traffic violations can turn into big driving problems

It seems inevitable that at some point in a Georgia resident's driving life that they will commit a traffic violation in the presence of a law enforcement official. It may be speeding down the highway, rolling through a stop sign in a neighborhood or making a U-turn in an intersection where such actions are prohibited. Often these infractions are committed accidentally, but it is often the case that such explanations fall on deaf ears as officers write out citations.

When is it illegal to make a U-turn in Georgia?

Practically every Richmond Hill resident has had the experience of missing a turn and fearing that they would have to drive minutes out of their way just to loop back to their destination. It can be tempting to check for oncoming traffic and to make a U-turn in the middle of the road, but most drivers know that U-turns are not always legal. This post will address circumstances when it is not permissible to make a U-turn in the state.

What is the purpose of a speed limit on a Georgia road?

Driving on the roads of Georgia is a privilege for men and women who hold drivers' licenses. Drivers who wish to operate their vehicles must pass knowledge and operation tests before they are permitted to legally drive and, once they receive their licenses, they are bound to follow the rules of the road to keep themselves and others safe. One of the most common driving rules that drivers must understand is speeding and what it means to follow speed limits.

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