What is the purpose of a speed limit on a Georgia road?

Driving on the roads of Georgia is a privilege for men and women who hold drivers’ licenses. Drivers who wish to operate their vehicles must pass knowledge and operation tests before they are permitted to legally drive and, once they receive their licenses, they are bound to follow the rules of the road to keep themselves and others safe. One of the most common driving rules that drivers must understand is speeding and what it means to follow speed limits.

A speed limit is a posted speed in miles per hour that indicates the maximum speed at which a person may drive on any given road. Drivers probably know that different types of roads have different speed limits, such as slower speed limits in residential zones and faster speed limits on highways and interstates.

Speed limits are primarily intended to keep people safe. They tend to be slower in locations where individuals may exist in heavier concentrations, such as in metropolitan areas, neighborhoods and near schools and parks. They are faster where there are fewer turn-offs and individuals on foot, which allows people to get to where they are going faster.

When a person violates a speed limit, they may face sanctions for their wrongdoing. A speeding ticket may require a person to pay a fine, although more serious speeding allegations may result in the loss of a driver’s license or even jail time if they are found guilty. Convictions on speeding charges can cause individuals to accumulate points on their licenses and, when too many points are assigned, a person’s driving privileges may be suspended. It is never a bad idea for a person to discuss their traffic violations with lawyers who are committed to helping them protect their rights to drive.

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