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March 2019 Archives

Reorganization and repayment through Chapter 13 bankruptcy

The idea of creating a repayment plan to pay off one's debts through bankruptcy may seem like a strange process to a Georgia resident. That is because not everyone is familiar with Chapter 13 bankruptcy. While many people have heard of Chapter 7 bankruptcy and its liquidation procedures, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may serve the needs of those who have some disposable income to use to begin to pay down their financial obligations.

When emotional support dogs attack

In December of last year, a man reported being attacked by an emotional support dog in the parking lot of a store in his community. Just a few weeks ago, a five-year-old girl was mauled by an emotional support dog in an airport terminal. Emotional support dogs are everywhere it seems, and Georgia residents may be wondering just what they are and what purposes they serve.

What will filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy do to one's credit?

People may not realize just how much their credit score matters. It can be the determining factor in whether a Georgia resident gets a home or car loan, can make a purchase or qualify for educational assistance. There are many things that can negatively impact one's credit, and filing for bankruptcy is one of those things.

Recognize defenses to drug offenses

Georgia law enforcement officers are trained to make arrests when they encounter illegal substances under the control of individuals. The drug offenses that can result when these encounters are made can impose serious penalties on the lives of those affected. However, the men and women who find themselves facing drug charges can take it upon themselves to learn about possible defense strategies that may help them retain their rights and freedom.

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