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July 2019 Archives

Can you keep your house in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Struggling with debt is never easy. It can be frustrating to work through these financial troubles, but for some, these troubles only get worse with time. Unfortunately, no matter what one does, the overwhelming debt plaguing an individual or family in Georgia and elsewhere will not go away on its own. Whether it is due to a job loss, injury, illness or other financial catastrophe, for some the only real debt solution is filing for bankruptcy.

Helping you take action following a dog bite

Owning a pet is very typical for residents in Georgia. For those that consider themselves dog people, there are many responsibilities that come with being a dog owner. This goes beyond ensuring that their dog is fed, bathed, healthy and taken care of. Dog owners have the responsibility of protecting the public from their dog. While it may not be apparent that a dog has dangerous propensities, if a dog owner fails to warn visitors about their dog's behaviors or allows their dog to run at large, the dog owner may be responsible for any injuries caused by the dog.

Sobriety checkpoints during the Fourth of July week

Law enforcement offices throughout the state of Georgia have the legal authority to use and execute sobriety checkpoints. Some communities across the state have announced that they will increase police presence on roadways and implement checkpoints, since drunk driving can be a problem during the week of July 4th. Georgia bases the permissibility of checkpoints on state and federal laws, as well as case precedent.

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