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December 2018 Archives

A holiday DUI can be challenged with legal support

It is normal for Georgia residents to attend holiday parties this time of year. Whether they choose to celebrate with their families, friends or co-workers, it is a regular practice for many to get together and enjoy the company of the people they love as the end of the year winds down. For some, getting together in celebration may mean indulging in alcoholic beverages, a legal practice for adults who are of a certain age.

Income may influence the form of bankruptcy a person may use

As readers of this Georgia-based legal blog know, bankruptcy is not a single process. There are many different forms of bankruptcy that are available to individuals and businesses alike. When it comes to personal bankruptcy most people file for either Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Each has its own requirements for how to qualify for its individual protections.

When is it illegal to make a U-turn in Georgia?

Practically every Richmond Hill resident has had the experience of missing a turn and fearing that they would have to drive minutes out of their way just to loop back to their destination. It can be tempting to check for oncoming traffic and to make a U-turn in the middle of the road, but most drivers know that U-turns are not always legal. This post will address circumstances when it is not permissible to make a U-turn in the state.

Income levels may preclude some from Chapter 7 bankruptcy

When it comes to taking an honest and clear look at one's financial situation, a Georgia resident may be overwhelmed by the amount of debt that they carry. Debt lives in numerous parts of a person's life, from the credit cards that they fight to pay off to the student loans that they make monthly payments on but never seem to get any smaller. Mortgage debt, medical debt and private debts are other types of obligations that many Americans struggle to tackle each and every day.

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