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September 2018 Archives

Is a settlement a good idea after a car accident?

Not every personal injury case that is filed after a car accident will go to trial. For some, a settlement may be a good way to resolve outstanding legal issues and to secure compensation for losses. Settlements provide victims with financial compensation without the hassle of pleading their cases in Georgia courtrooms.

How can dog attacks on children be prevented?

An attacking dog can cause serious harm and even death to a victim of any size or age. However, when dogs attack children, the harm they inflict may be compounded by the size of the child compared to their canine aggressors. Every year too many children in Georgia and throughout the country suffer harm when they are bitten and attacked by dogs.

Managing debts after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge

Readers may be surprised to learn that a person can emerge from the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process with many debts still intact. This is because not all debts can be discharged. When pursuing bankruptcy, a person should have a plan for how they will manage their post-discharge debts and that plan should begin with knowing what they will be liable for once their Chapter 7 proceedings have ended.

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