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February 2019 Archives

Two friends die in fiery collision in Georgia

Some friends look out for each other like they are actually family. That can mean that they will drop what they are doing to help each other out and come to their friends' aid when needed. This is just what happened not long ago in Bleckley County, Georgia, when two young adults from Macon went to help another friend in need after he became stuck on an interstate.

Contributory negligence in Georgia motor vehicle accidents

A car accident in Georgia can occur for many reasons. A change in road or weather conditions may force a driver to make an unexpected action that leads to a collision. The failure of a driver to pay attention to their surroundings may result in a distracted driving accident. Every motor vehicle accident will have a cause that is related to its unique facts and circumstances.

Traffic violations can turn into big driving problems

It seems inevitable that at some point in a Georgia resident's driving life that they will commit a traffic violation in the presence of a law enforcement official. It may be speeding down the highway, rolling through a stop sign in a neighborhood or making a U-turn in an intersection where such actions are prohibited. Often these infractions are committed accidentally, but it is often the case that such explanations fall on deaf ears as officers write out citations.

What debts may survive a Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge?

Bankruptcy offers an excellent option for Georgia residents to settle their debts and emerge from the process with a clean financial slate. Those who earn an income and who can afford to contribute some of their wages to the repayment of their debts may qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In this form of bankruptcy, a debtor follows a repayment plan for several years until they have satisfied the debts included in the plan.

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