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Georgia: A tough place to have bad credit

Debt struggles can significantly damage a person’s credit score. A bad credit score can create a lot of challenges for a person. This may particularly be the case here in Georgia.

Many things impact what life is like for individuals with bad credit scores. This includes where they live. Each state has its own unique factors that can impact just how difficult things are when you have such a score.

How the law helps active duty soldiers deal with outstanding debt

During your career of service, it is inevitable that you will change residences multiple times and be deployed overseas. It is also likely that you will experience financial difficulties at one time or another. This is not something exclusive to members of the military, as millions of Americans deal with some form of outstanding debt.

However, debt management for active duty soldiers is especially important given that they potentially may be served critical notices and have legal action taken against them without their knowledge because they have been deployed. Because of this, the law allows for certain legal protections.

Posthumous Pardons for Wrongful Execution of Soldiers in 1917

On December 11, 1917, 13 soldiers were hanged one after the other after one of the largest murder trials in U.S. history. The story behind these deaths began a few months before, when, on August 23, 1917, white Houston police officers burst into the home of a black woman. The officers assaulted her and pulled her into the street, wearing only her nightgown, as her children watched. A black solder, Alonso Edwards of the 24thInfantry Regiment, tried to rescue the woman when a white police officer pistol-whipped and arrested him.

Types of Murder

The law is incredibly complex, especially with regards to extremely violent cases. According to Georgia law, murder is defined as the unlawful killing of another person; however, circumstances surrounding the crime will determine the sentence.

Everything You Should Know About Field Sobriety Tests

Every driver out on the roads of Georgia needs to be aware that they could be pulled over by a police officer at virtually any moment. Even though cops are not supposed to stop anyone unless they have reasonable suspicion that the driver has done something wrong, this term is so vague that they can use any reason they see fit to get your car to the side of the street. This means that you might be faced with the real possibility of being told to take a field sobriety tests, especially on weekends and at night when law enforcement assumes more people are drinking and driving. If you do find yourself in this situation, do you know what to do?

The Do's and Don'ts of a DUI Stop

Seeing the red and blue lights of a police car flash in your review mirror can be a frightening experience. Worse, if you've been pulled over under suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), you could be facing serious charges. It is vital to know your rights since police may rely on your unfamiliarity of the law to control the situation. Here are a few do's and don'ts for getting through a DUI stop.

What Happens If I Miss My ALS Hearing?

If you know what an administrative license suspension (ALS) hearing in Georgia is, you probably also knew you had to schedule one within 10 days of your driving under the influence (DUI) arrest. If you managed to do that, you deserve some congratulations. Few people have the initiative to actually get that done. But scheduling an event doesn't directly translate to actually going to it.

Charged with DUI this Holiday Season?

Have you been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) this holiday season? If so, it is crucial that you do not panic and that you focus on controlling your situation. Any arrest can be a terrifying experience, especially if you have never had a run-in with the law before. To help clear up your situation and let you know where you stand, our firm has put together a short list of tips that can help you assess your situation and protect yourself against any further charges.

Do I Have to Take a Breath Test?

In Georgia, getting pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) can branch out into multiple occurrences and outcomes. If you are ultimately arrested, you should also expect that you will be asked to submit to a breath or chemical test. The key word in that sentence is that you will be asked, not told.

Balbo & Gregg, Attorneys at Law, PC Open New Hinesville Office

hinesville-office-opening.jpgOn September 26, 2014 Balbo & Gregg, Attorneys at Law, PC proudly opened their new satellite office in Hinesville at 410-A Gen. Screven Way, Hinesville, GA 31313. Their firm, which first opened in 2006 in Richmond Hill, had wanted to open a new office in Hinesville for a while, according to Balbo, as more and more of their clients were coming from that area.

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