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When is it illegal to make a U-turn in Georgia?

Practically every Richmond Hill resident has had the experience of missing a turn and fearing that they would have to drive minutes out of their way just to loop back to their destination. It can be tempting to check for oncoming traffic and to make a U-turn in the middle of the road, but most drivers know that U-turns are not always legal. This post will address circumstances when it is not permissible to make a U-turn in the state.

Pursuant to Title 40 of the Official Code of Georgia, drivers cannot make U-turns on any roads that have curves. Additionally, drivers cannot make U-turns when they approaching hills and cannot see over them to tell if oncoming traffic may be present.

Income levels may preclude some from Chapter 7 bankruptcy

When it comes to taking an honest and clear look at one's financial situation, a Georgia resident may be overwhelmed by the amount of debt that they carry. Debt lives in numerous parts of a person's life, from the credit cards that they fight to pay off to the student loans that they make monthly payments on but never seem to get any smaller. Mortgage debt, medical debt and private debts are other types of obligations that many Americans struggle to tackle each and every day.

Though not all choose to follow such a path, some debtors use personal bankruptcy to take control of their finances. There are two main forms of bankruptcy that individual debtors use to alleviate their burdens -- Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy -- and each has its own set of requirements that must be met to complete the process. What readers may not know is that their income levels may actually force them to file for one form of bankruptcy instead of the other.

Distracted driving causes many motor vehicle accidents

Multitasking is a practice that many Georgia residents employ to get as much done as possible. With so many commitments to their jobs and their families, individuals may try to do more than one thing at a time in order to maximize their efficiency and complete as many tasks as they can. However, in some situations multitasking can be very dangerous.

When a person is driving, there is only one thing that they should be focused on: driving. Unfortunately, many people try to do other things while they are behind the wheels of their cars. For example, Richmond Hill residents have probably seen others on the roads who are holding their cellphones while they drive. Texting while driving, making phone calls, entering information into GPS devices and using smartphones for other purposes are all dangerous distractions for drivers.

Driver and passenger arrested on drug offenses after traffic stop

Readers of this Georgia legal blog should be aware that they have important civil rights when it comes to dealing with law enforcement officers at traffic stops. It is important for drivers to know that an officer cannot simply search their vehicle because they think they may find illegal materials.

A Georgia man and his passenger recently faced arrest on drug charges, and their entire ordeal began with a traffic stop. The man was pulled over because he had an out-of-date registration and had not properly secured a child who was riding in his car. When the officer approached his vehicle the officer allegedly smelled marijuana coming from the passenger side of the vehicle and used that alleged odor to give him probable cause to investigate.

Settle financial hardships as the New Year approaches

It may be hard for some Georgia residents to believe but it is almost Thanksgiving. That means that Christmas is right around the corner and just a week after that will arrive the start of 2019. New calendar years are often used by individuals to set goals and to create plans to improve their lives and to achieve their dreams. For some, getting out of debt and settlement financial hardships may be at the top of their lists.

Living with debt can be difficult and can cause stress on individuals and their families. It can be hard to see the end of creditors' calls and collection notices when a person just cannot earn enough money to pay off all of their bills at once. They may need help organizing their debts and negotiating with their creditors to establish debt repayment resolutions that are acceptable to all of the involved parties.

Should you hire a lawyer for traffic violations?

With as much driving as we all do, from going to work, running errands or getting the kids to activities, it may be inevitable that at some point you may get a ticket. There are tickets that can seem very simple and straightforward, while others can quickly become more serious and lead to harsher consequences than you had planned. If you have received a traffic violation, you may be tempted to defend the charges on your own. That may not be a good idea, here are some reasons why.

Illness can result from a dog bite

Georgia residents are often reminded of the importance of keeping themselves and their children vaccinated to prevent the spread of certain devastating communicable diseases. In some areas, children cannot enroll in school if they do not have current shots for some diseases, and health officials see vaccinations as a way to improve the overall health of the entire national population. However, humans are not the only ones who have to get shots. Dogs and cats are often required to stay current on certain vaccinations, one of which covers the deadly disease rabies.

Rabies is a viral disease that attacks the central nervous systems of its victims. It can cause serious complications like insomnia, paralysis, and other side effects, and when it is left untreated, it can be deadly. It is also one of the few illnesses that dogs can carry that can be transmitted to humans through bites.

Income requirements for filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

It may seem strange but, in some cases, a person may make too much money to file for certain types of bankruptcy. That is the situation regarding Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a form of personal bankruptcy that is limited to individuals with relatively low incomes and who cannot repay their loans. This post will offer Georgia residents a review of what types of income are considered when determining if a person may pursue Chapter 7 bankruptcy and what options they may have if they do not qualify.

A person's wages and regular work income are factored into the determination of whether they may use Chapter 7 bankruptcy to overcome their debts. Also, any income from rents from the ownership of property may be applied to their income total, as can income from royalties and dividends.

What is an aggravated DUI charge?

In the state of Georgia, a person is considered intoxicated if they are driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent. This means that even if the person is not exhibiting all of the signs and symptom of intoxication, they can still be convicted of drunk driving based solely upon a blood alcohol test. A DUI charge is a serious matter and a conviction can have lasting repercussions.

However, there is another form of DUI that is also very serious and that readers should be aware of. That is aggravated DUI, and there are several different ways that this charge may occur. One way is if the driver is alleged to have a blood alcohol concentration of at least .15 percent, or nearly twice the limit of a standard DUI charge.

Can you drive while wearing headphones?

Driving is a relatively mundane task and many people search for ways to multitask or pass the time. People have been known to use their phones, eat, drink and even apply makeup or do their hair while driving, all of which could fall under the umbrella of distracted driving.

On a safer side, most people listen to music or even podcasts while driving. But what if you do not have a car that connects to your phone? Can you still listen to your music with headphones while driving? Is this considered distracted driving in Georgia?

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