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Traffic violations can turn into big driving problems

It seems inevitable that at some point in a Georgia resident's driving life that they will commit a traffic violation in the presence of a law enforcement official. It may be speeding down the highway, rolling through a stop sign in a neighborhood or making a U-turn in an intersection where such actions are prohibited. Often these infractions are committed accidentally, but it is often the case that such explanations fall on deaf ears as officers write out citations.

Traffic violations are common but that does not make them insignificant. When a person accumulates multiple traffic violations on their driving record, their driving privileges may be threatened. Certain traffic violations are penalized more severely than others, so when a person is accused of breaking a traffic law they should take the matter seriously.

Drones used to drop drugs into prisons

The number of drones on the market has quickly increased as their capabilities have become more and more apparent.

Amazon experimented with the technology to make deliveries. The construction industry has used drones to survey sites for potential dangers. But, one use most of us wouldn’t have anticipated is how drones can service prisoners.

What debts may survive a Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge?

Bankruptcy offers an excellent option for Georgia residents to settle their debts and emerge from the process with a clean financial slate. Those who earn an income and who can afford to contribute some of their wages to the repayment of their debts may qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In this form of bankruptcy, a debtor follows a repayment plan for several years until they have satisfied the debts included in the plan.

Readers will note that the term "included debts" is important in understanding that some debts will survive a Chapter 13 discharge. Particularly, any debts that are left out of the repayment plan will not be subject to its terms. Therefore, if a debtor fails to include all possible debts in the plan, those that were left out will still exist after their bankruptcy discharge.

Pedestrian killed in hit-and-run accident in Georgia

Accidents between vehicles and pedestrians often have tragic results. Recently, a man crossing the street in the community of Morrow, Georgia, was killed when he was struck by a truck. The victim was in a crosswalk when the accident occurred, and there are more details to this story that make this situation even more horrific.

The driver of the truck that struck the man allegedly stopped his vehicle, got out of his truck, saw the deceased victim and then got back into his truck. He drove away, leaving the man in the road as the victim of a hit-and-run accident. He has not been located, but law enforcement officials have released a description of him and his vehicle.

The status of marijuana in Georgia

Over the course of the last year, several states have made the news for decriminalizing the possession of small quantities of marijuana for personal use. That means that individuals in those states who are searched by law enforcement officials may not be arrested if the amount of marijuana they have on them is below the statutory thresholds. The individuals may, however, still run afoul of the federal Controlled Substances Act.

This is not the case in Georgia. In Georgia, it is still illegal for individuals to grow, possess, sell, manufacture and distribute marijuana. However, individuals who are found to be in possession of small quantities of marijuana may qualify for alternative sentencing for their alleged infractions. Individuals in possession of larger quantities of the drug may be arrested on felony state drug charges.

What driving actions can cause motor vehicle accidents?

An aggressive or dangerous driver can put the lives of all others on the road at risk. When a Richmond Hill resident sees an erratic driver approaching them, they may do everything they can to get out of their way and to give them enough space to pass by without incident. Unfortunately for some, dangerous drivers will cause them to suffer accidents and injuries due to their irresponsible driving actions.

One of the main driving behaviors that can lead to vehicle collisions is the failure of drivers to abide by traffic laws. Drivers who speed, ignore stop signs and other traffic signage and signals, and choose not to use their signals when they change lanes or make turns can be dangers to themselves and others. Traffic laws are in place to allow all drivers to be able to anticipate the actions of others; drivers who ignore the rules leave others guessing about what they may do.

Georgia joins in fight against opioid manufacturers

With the opioid epidemic showing no signs of slowing, Georgia state officials are looking to legal action for an answer.

The state’s government has joined many other states in the pursuit to end mass opioid addiction by suing nine drug manufacturing and distributing companies for propagating the drug and reaping its profits.

Dealing with the aftermath of a dog bite

The morning you set out to take a leisurely stroll through the park probably felt like any other. You certainly never expected to come across a dog that would lash out and viciously bite you. But these incidents unfortunately do happen. While the injuries suffered can be both physically and mentally exhausting, it's important to understand the general scope of dog bite liability. By pairing with an experienced attorney, you can get the justice you deserve.

Not all debts are discharged after Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be a useful legal tool for Georgia residents who are facing insurmountable debts and who are without the means of paying them off. Particularly, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be an option for those whose income does not preclude them from using the liquidation process to pay off their creditors and settle their debts. Though there are other legal and financial considerations that individuals should make before filing for bankruptcy, Chapter 7 can be a good path for some who have few other options for controlling their debts.

While Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be useful for many, readers should be aware that it will not eliminate all possible debts. There are certain obligations that cannot be undone by the bankruptcy process, and this post will address several of them. Readers are reminded that this post is informational only and that they should seek professional guidance when it comes their specific case.

What are my rights if I am bitten by an off-leash dog?

Animal owners are responsible for maintaining their pets in a safe and secure manner. That means that if they take their pets out of their homes they must be able to control them in the event it is necessary. While some Georgia owners have their pets trained to respond to voice commands, others need leashes and other restraints to maintain control over their dogs.

Under Georgia law, an animal owner is liable for the injuries their pet causes if that pet is off-leash when they attack. A leash is a string, chain or other length of rope that connects to a pet's collar and that their handler may hold at the leash's other end. If a dog attacks or lunges, a handler should be able to pull them back with their leash. Therefore, the absence of a leash may leave an owner with no means of establishing control over their pet if that animal attacks.

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