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What is the statute of limitations for car accidents in Georgia?

A car accident can happen in a split-second, but for those injured in them the aftereffects of the crash could last a lifetime. When a person is injured in a motor vehicle accident, they may incur hefty medical and rehabilitation bills. They may be unable to work for a period, resulting in lost wages. A car accident victim may also experience pain and suffering, along with emotional trauma. It is a lot to deal with, especially if the collision was the fault of another.

Car accident victims who believe the crash was due to the negligence of another party may wish to pursue a legal claim against the at-fault party. However, they should not wait too long to commence such an action. This is because Georgia has a "statute of limitations" on personal injury claims. Once that time period has passed, a person can no longer pursue a legal claim.

Talk to an attorney before filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not for everyone. While there are a number of reasons that it is an effective legal tool for helping Georgia residents get out from under their oppressive debts, there are just as many reasons that individuals may wish to look at their other options when preparing to take on their outstanding loans. Before jumping into a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, a debtor should discuss their options with a knowledgeable attorney.

For example, Chapter 7 bankruptcy limits who may use its protections. If an individual's income is too high, they may be barred from using the process. Their financial situation may be better served through the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process.

New technology may help identify perpetrators

Historically, the criminal justice system has used the accounts of eye-witnesses and police sketch renderings to get a picture of an unidentified criminal. Even when actual photographs of a perpetrator are available, sometimes throw the police off.

To keep these methods from leading to more false accusations and convictions, experts are testing new ways to get an image of a criminal's face to catch them quicker. Here are a just a few.

Can trespassers sue for dog bite injuries?

It is common for Georgia residents to see "beware of dog" signs posted on their neighbors' gates, fences and homes. These signs warn others that a canine is present in the house or yard and that the dog may not be restrained. Signs of this nature are often used to deter individuals from entering the properties of others, since the threat of dog attacks is present.

However, if a person chooses to trespass and enter the yard or home of someone who has a dog, they risk encountering that animal. If the dog bites the trespasser, that trespasser may have extensive injuries from their attack. Questions may arise with regard to who is liable for the harm the dog inflicted on the trespassing individual.

Motor vehicle accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an injury to a person's brain. This form of injury can be caused by many different events and often results when the brain is subjected to external blows of force or to penetration from objects that pierce the skull. Georgia residents who experience these injuries can face different side effects and can have a significant recovery period as they work to regain their health.

One common way that victims suffer TBIs is through motor vehicle accidents. When two or more vehicles collide, the forces at work are great. Victims can be thrown into their vehicle's windows, doors, steering wheels and other hard surfaces where they can hit their heads and suffer serious injuries. Even when victims wear seatbelts and have working airbags they can suffer injuries to their heads and brains.

What is Georgia's blood alcohol concentration limit?

When a Georgia resident is arrested for suspected drunk driving, they may have their blood alcohol concentration tested. Blood alcohol concentration, often shortened to the acronym "BAC," refers to the amount of alcohol that a person has in their system. The more alcohol a person has in their system, the higher their BAC will be and the more intoxicated they may be.

A person's BAC can be tested in a number of different ways. In fact, five different types of bodily samples -- blood, urine, hair, saliva and breath -- can all be used in varying degrees to establish if a person has alcohol in their system. Different BAC tests have different levels of accuracy. Individuals who wish to challenge the results of their BAC assessments can discuss their concerns with their DUI defense attorneys.

An alternative to paying a traffic violation

Traffic tickets are a great way to ruin your day. Even good drivers will receive one or two in their lives whether it's going 10 miles per hour over the speed limit on the freeway or rolling that neighborhood stop sign. All it takes is a little bad timing.

The consequences can impact your insurance premiums, and fines for citations are unwelcome expenses. For repeat offenses, you could face suspension or revocation of their driver's license. Infrequent offenders may find an option to retain their clean driving record.

Who can be held responsible for motor vehicle accidents?

After an automobile accident, a Georgia resident can suffer pain from their injuries, financial hardships from being unable to work and property losses from the damage their vehicle sustained. Getting back on their feet can be a challenge, especially if their harm was caused by the negligence of another party. When irresponsible drivers put others in harm's way and cause them to suffer damages, victims may want to pursue a legal claim for compensation.

The damages that a party may choose to pursue will depend on the losses they suffered. Similarly, the party or parties that they choose to sue will depend upon who or what was involved in the crash. A negligent driver may serve as a defendant in a personal injury case, but others may also hold responsibility for causing car crashes.

Understanding the Georgia Points System

Everyone makes mistakes. No person is capable of being perfect in their words and actions at all times and in all situations. Because humans cannot achieve flawlessness, the law does not instantly punish all wrongdoers when they commit minor legal infractions. In Georgia this theory is reflected in the driver's license points system.

The Georgia Points System is a legislated schedule of punishment that can affect drivers' driving privileges. When a driver commits a minor traffic violation they may be assessed points on their license. If they are assessed 15 points in a two-year period, then they may lose their license.

Reorganization and repayment through Chapter 13 bankruptcy

The idea of creating a repayment plan to pay off one's debts through bankruptcy may seem like a strange process to a Georgia resident. That is because not everyone is familiar with Chapter 13 bankruptcy. While many people have heard of Chapter 7 bankruptcy and its liquidation procedures, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may serve the needs of those who have some disposable income to use to begin to pay down their financial obligations.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy has filing requirements that include limits on how much debt individuals can have and how much extra income they can use to pay off their creditors. If a debtor meets the requirements for filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, then they will be asked to develop a repayment plan that outlines what debts they will pay down, how their income will be distributed for the repayment of their debts and how long it will take for them to satisfy their outstanding debts. Repayment plans must be approved by the bankruptcy courts before they move forward.

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