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October 2018 Archives

Income requirements for filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

It may seem strange but, in some cases, a person may make too much money to file for certain types of bankruptcy. That is the situation regarding Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a form of personal bankruptcy that is limited to individuals with relatively low incomes and who cannot repay their loans. This post will offer Georgia residents a review of what types of income are considered when determining if a person may pursue Chapter 7 bankruptcy and what options they may have if they do not qualify.

What is an aggravated DUI charge?

In the state of Georgia, a person is considered intoxicated if they are driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent. This means that even if the person is not exhibiting all of the signs and symptom of intoxication, they can still be convicted of drunk driving based solely upon a blood alcohol test. A DUI charge is a serious matter and a conviction can have lasting repercussions.

Can you drive while wearing headphones?

Driving is a relatively mundane task and many people search for ways to multitask or pass the time. People have been known to use their phones, eat, drink and even apply makeup or do their hair while driving, all of which could fall under the umbrella of distracted driving.

What is a repayment plan under Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

It is often the case that when a Georgia resident cannot get ahead of their overwhelming debts that they may turn to bankruptcy as a means of getting themselves back on the right financial path. There are two main forms of bankruptcy that individuals generally decide between when their debts are the result of personal financial management - Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 - and this post will focus on one of the most significant components of one of those processes.

Get answers to your tough car accident questions

A vehicle accident can be the beginning of a whirlwind of questions for a Georgia victim. Last week's post introduced just one of the many inquiries individuals may need to make when they have suffered losses in a crash. Other questions that they may face may concern how they will pay for their damages, who is responsible for their suffering, and when they will be able to get their life back to normal.

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