What personal injuries are common to car collisions?

Even though car accidents are common on Georgia roads the injuries that can result from them can vary greatly. For this reason it is important that individuals who are hurt in motor vehicle accidents seek medical treatment for their specific health needs. Seeking medical help is not only necessary for them to recover from their injuries but also to begin building a record of damages in the event that they choose to file personal injury lawsuits against the negligent parties who caused their collisions.

Even though victims’ injuries can look very different between two car accidents there are some common ailments that vehicle crash victims often sustain. Due to the significant impacts that many victims experience when their vehicles crash into other objects, victims often suffer trauma to their heads and necks. Concussions and brain injuries happen when victims’ head hit steering wheels, dashboards and other fixed objects in their vehicles; neck injuries often result in rear-end collisions and when whiplash is caused by the crashes.

Bumps, bruises and cuts can be common car accident injuries depending upon where a victim was seated in their vehicle and the amount of damage that their vehicle sustained. More serious trauma to organs, muscles and bones can leave victims with life-threatening and life-long conditions.

This post is not intended to provide legal or medical advice to its readers. Not all car accidents are serious but all car accident injuries should be assessed by medical professionals. After a victim as sought treatment for their injuries they may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney to learn more about the possible claims they have against the driver who caused their motor vehicle accident.

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