How can dog attacks on children be prevented?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2018 | Dog Bites

An attacking dog can cause serious harm and even death to a victim of any size or age. However, when dogs attack children, the harm they inflict may be compounded by the size of the child compared to their canine aggressors. Every year too many children in Georgia and throughout the country suffer harm when they are bitten and attacked by dogs.

Dogs bite for many reasons. They may feel threatened by the actions of those around them, or they may be surprised by a sudden movement or sound made by a child. Dogs may use bites to warn people not to bother them or to defend themselves.

Children are often attacked by dogs when they are left unsupervised with them. A child who is not familiar with a dog may make the animal uncomfortable and may provoke it. Therefore, children should not be left alone with dogs even if the owners believe that their animals are completely safe.

Additionally, children should be educated on how to respectfully interact with dogs. They should be taught not to pull their tails or ears and to treat them with care. They should understand that not all dogs want to be touched and not all dogs are friendly.

Even the most careful children and adults may fall victim to dog bites and attacks when aggressive animals are present. Because the law surrounding this form of personal injury is subject to the facts of individual cases, readers who have questions about their dog bite cases should discuss their concerns with their own personal injury attorneys.

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