Is a settlement a good idea after a car accident?

Not every personal injury case that is filed after a car accident will go to trial. For some, a settlement may be a good way to resolve outstanding legal issues and to secure compensation for losses. Settlements provide victims with financial compensation without the hassle of pleading their cases in Georgia courtrooms.

However, a settlement generally cannot be accomplished without a cost. To settle a legal claim, the parties must first agree on how they will resolve the pending matter. Parties often do not want to make agreements without ensuring that they are protected. While victims often get money out of settlements, responsible parties often get guarantees that they will not be pursued for further compensation from their victims.

In exchange for the settlement sum that a victim receives, they often must give up their right to sue the other parties to the settlement for additional damages or based on different claims arising from the same incident that caused their harm. While a victim may walk away from a settlement with a large sum of money, they must remember that they may not be able to pursue further compensation in the future if that sum is insufficient to cover their accident-related costs.

It is impossible to say whether a motor vehicle accident claim should be settled or taken to trial without a full review of the facts. Therefore, readers are encouraged to discuss their settlement and litigation options with their personal injury attorneys to learn more about which process may be more aligned with their interests and needs.

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