Settle financial hardships as the New Year approaches

It may be hard for some Georgia residents to believe but it is almost Thanksgiving. That means that Christmas is right around the corner and just a week after that will arrive the start of 2019. New calendar years are often used by individuals to set goals and to create plans to improve their lives and to achieve their dreams. For some, getting out of debt and settlement financial hardships may be at the top of their lists.

Living with debt can be difficult and can cause stress on individuals and their families. It can be hard to see the end of creditors’ calls and collection notices when a person just cannot earn enough money to pay off all of their bills at once. They may need help organizing their debts and negotiating with their creditors to establish debt repayment resolutions that are acceptable to all of the involved parties.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a process that allows debtors to accomplish all of these goals. The repayment plan of Chapter 13 gives creditors and the debtor a chance to weigh in on the debtor’s plan to fulfill their financial obligations and to relieve themselves of overwhelming debt burdens. Over time, a debtor may set themselves free from the burdens of living with endless bills and obligations that cannot be managed.

The attorneys of Balbo & Gregg want all of their active and prospective clients to have happy and health holiday seasons. They are ready to work with new bankruptcy clients who are prepared to start the New Year on strong financial footing and actively working to eliminate the debts that are weighing them down.

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