When is it illegal to make a U-turn in Georgia?

Practically every Richmond Hill resident has had the experience of missing a turn and fearing that they would have to drive minutes out of their way just to loop back to their destination. It can be tempting to check for oncoming traffic and to make a U-turn in the middle of the road, but most drivers know that U-turns are not always legal. This post will address circumstances when it is not permissible to make a U-turn in the state.

Pursuant to Title 40 of the Official Code of Georgia, drivers cannot make U-turns on any roads that have curves. Additionally, drivers cannot make U-turns when they are approaching hills and cannot see over them to tell if oncoming traffic may be present.

Additionally, a U-turn may be impermissible if a driver makes it and interferes with other traffic. For example, if a driver allegedly makes a U-turn in front of other cars and causes them to break to avoid a collision, that driver’s U-turn may illegal.

Finally, U-turns cannot be completed in areas where signage designates them impermissible. Drivers can be cited and penalized for U-turn violations and these penalties may threaten drivers’ rights to hold drivers’ licenses. While a U-turn violation may seem like a minor infraction, to a person with a significant driving violation record it may be the difference between having a license and losing it to suspension. Drivers who are accused of U-turn violations and other traffic violations may wish to consult with attorneys who support traffic defense clients. Options may be available to them to help them keep their driving privileges in tact.

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