What are my rights if I am bitten by an off-leash dog?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2019 | Dog Bites

Animal owners are responsible for maintaining their pets in a safe and secure manner. That means that if they take their pets out of their homes they must be able to control them in the event it is necessary. While some Georgia owners have their pets trained to respond to voice commands, others need leashes and other restraints to maintain control over their dogs.

Under Georgia law, an animal owner is liable for the injuries their pet causes if that pet is off-leash when they attack. A leash is a string, chain or other length of rope that connects to a pet’s collar and that their handler may hold at the leash’s other end. If a dog attacks or lunges, a handler should be able to pull them back with their leash. Therefore, the absence of a leash may leave an owner with no means of establishing control over their pet if that animal attacks.

Pet owners may be liable for their animals’ actions if they allow a dangerous animal to come into contact with others. An animal that has a history of violence may be considered a dangerous animal, and such animals, if kept, must be under the control of their owners or handlers at all times.

After an animal attack a victim may be able to sue under personal injury theories of law for the recovery of their losses. They may wish to consult with an attorney to better understand their rights and the laws that will apply to their dog bite case. This post is only offered as information and should not be considered legal guidance for any specific case.

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