What driving actions can cause motor vehicle accidents?

An aggressive or dangerous driver can put the lives of all others on the road at risk. When a Richmond Hill resident sees an erratic driver approaching them, they may do everything they can to get out of their way and to give them enough space to pass by without incident. Unfortunately for some, dangerous drivers will cause them to suffer accidents and injuries due to their irresponsible driving actions.

One of the main driving behaviors that can lead to vehicle collisions is the failure of drivers to abide by traffic laws. Drivers who speed, ignore stop signs and other traffic signage and signals, and choose not to use their signals when they change lanes or make turns can be dangers to themselves and others. Traffic laws are in place to allow all drivers to be able to anticipate the actions of others; drivers who ignore the rules leave others guessing about what they may do.

Another dangerous driving behavior that can put individuals in harm’s way is driving when impaired by drugs or alcohol. Drunk and drugged driving is incredibly dangerous because impaired drivers generally cannot make good decisions about how to safely operate their vehicles. With their inhibitions lowered and their emotions heightened, impaired drivers can cause deadly accidents on Georgia roads.

There are many different dangerous driving actions and behaviors that can cause individuals to be involved in motor vehicle accidents. Getting the facts straight on an accident’s cause can help a victim work out just how to approach potential litigation to recover their damages.

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