Traffic violations can turn into big driving problems

It seems inevitable that at some point in a Georgia resident’s driving life that they will commit a traffic violation in the presence of a law enforcement official. It may be speeding down the highway, rolling through a stop sign in a neighborhood or making a U-turn in an intersection where such actions are prohibited. Often these infractions are committed accidentally, but it is often the case that such explanations fall on deaf ears as officers write out citations.

Traffic violations are common but that does not make them insignificant. When a person accumulates multiple traffic violations on their driving record, their driving privileges may be threatened. Certain traffic violations are penalized more severely than others, so when a person is accused of breaking a traffic law they should take the matter seriously.

The professionals at Balbo & Gregg, Attorneys at Law, work with men and women who have been accused of traffic violations. They help their clients understand that while a single traffic violation may not seem like a big deal, the collection of them over time may threaten a driver’s operating privileges and may cost the driver a significant amount of money in fines.

Traffic violations can be challenged and in some cases may be set aside when individuals prepare themselves with information and knowledge. Motorists who are concerned about their driving rights, the traffic violations that they have been accused of committing and how they will maintain their livelihoods if they are threatened with the loss of their drivers’ licenses will want to take the steps necessary to prepare a strong defense against the charges they face.

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