Two friends die in fiery collision in Georgia

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Some friends look out for each other like they are actually family. That can mean that they will drop what they are doing to help each other out and come to their friends’ aid when needed. This is just what happened not long ago in Bleckley County, Georgia, when two young adults from Macon went to help another friend in need after he became stuck on an interstate.

The individual in need was driving an ambulance on Interstate 16 when he ran out of gas. His two friends, who were 22-years-old and 21-years-old, brought him diesel fuel so that he could get back on the road. Once they had handed off the fuel they got back onto the freeway but were hit by a large truck.

The victims’ vehicle, a small Toyota Prius, was pulled under the large truck. Both victims lost their lives in the crash. Investigators with the Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team of the Georgia State Patrol are working to find answers to why this tragedy occurred and why these two young people lost their lives.

Motor vehicle accidents involving large commercial vehicles can be complicated, especially when victims and their families must determine who, if anyone, is responsible for their losses. They may look into whether they can pursue litigation against the driver of the truck, its owner and any corporate or business entities that may have been involved in putting the truck on the road. While no amount of money can bring back a loved one lost, compensation obtained from the at-fault parties can help families out financially as they move on with their lives.

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