Recognize defenses to drug offenses

Georgia law enforcement officers are trained to make arrests when they encounter illegal substances under the control of individuals. The drug offenses that can result when these encounters are made can impose serious penalties on the lives of those affected. However, the men and women who find themselves facing drug charges can take it upon themselves to learn about possible defense strategies that may help them retain their rights and freedom.

For example, one defense that may be used in a drug offense case is that the search which yielded the allegedly illegal drugs was itself illegal. When law enforcement officers violate an individual’s Fourth Amendment rights and engage in illegal search and seizure, the evidence collected therein may become inadmissible in court.

Additionally, a person facing drug charges may be able to defend themselves by asserting that the illegal substances found by law enforcement officials were not theirs. A person must have allegedly illegal drugs under their control to possess them for the purposes of many drug crimes, and therefore if someone else possessed them at the time of the individual’s arrest, they may have a defense.

Other defenses that rely on claims of mistake, entrapment and others can provide individuals with strong defensive arguments when their cases go to trial. Fighting to clear one’s name from erroneous drug charges can be difficult and does not have to be undertaken alone. An attorney who supports criminal defense clients can serve an important role in the strategic and presentation stages of a person’s drug defense plans.

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