Understanding the Georgia Points System

Everyone makes mistakes. No person is capable of being perfect in their words and actions at all times and in all situations. Because humans cannot achieve flawlessness, the law does not instantly punish all wrongdoers when they commit minor legal infractions. In Georgia this theory is reflected in the driver’s license points system.

The Georgia Points System is a legislated schedule of punishment that can affect drivers’ driving privileges. When a driver commits a minor traffic violation they may be assessed points on their license. If they are assessed 15 points in a two-year period, then they may lose their license.

For example, driving in excess of 15 miles per hour of the speed limit will result in points being assessed against a driver. If a driver is found to have driven 15 to 18 miles per hour over the limit, they will be assessed two points. If they are found to have driven 19 to 23 miles per hour over the limit, they will be assessed three points.

Other traffic violations can lead to points on a driver’s license. Aggressive and reckless driving can result in six or four points, respectively, being assessed against a driver’s license, and failing to use a child’s restraint system or seat properly can result in one or two points being added to a driver’s point total.

A driver has options if they accumulate too many points over the course of two years, and one of those options is to challenge the charges that have been lodged against them regarding the alleged traffic violations that they have committed. Georgia attorneys who practice traffic violation defense can offer sound guidance to those who are concerned about the status of their driving privileges.

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