Who can be held responsible for motor vehicle accidents?

After an automobile accident, a Georgia resident can suffer pain from their injuries, financial hardships from being unable to work and property losses from the damage their vehicle sustained. Getting back on their feet can be a challenge, especially if their harm was caused by the negligence of another party. When irresponsible drivers put others in harm’s way and cause them to suffer damages, victims may want to pursue a legal claim for compensation.

The damages that a party may choose to pursue will depend on the losses they suffered. Similarly, the party or parties that they choose to sue will depend upon who or what was involved in the crash. A negligent driver may serve as a defendant in a personal injury case, but others may also hold responsibility for causing car crashes.

For example, if another party allowed the negligent driver to operate their car then the vehicle’s owner may also hold some responsibility for the crash. Similarly, a company that hires a negligent driver and puts them on the road as part of their employment duties may be liable for the losses suffered by victims if that driver causes a crash.

A personal injury attorney can provide their car accident clients with guidance on whom or what may be sued for the recovery of damages. As individual motor vehicle accident cases proceed on their own facts it is important that readers find their own support to help them with their legal troubles. This post does not provide any legal advice and is offered as information only.

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