Study examines dog breeds in dog bite cases involving children

Dogs may be “man’s best friend,” but even a seemingly-friendly dog can bite. Dog bites can result in serious physical injuries. Dog bites can also cause significant emotional trauma. People in Richmond Hill may wonder if some dog breeds are more prone to bite than others, and a recent study examined that question specifically with regards to dog bites to children.

First, it is important to note that the study stated that in 60 percent of dog bite incidents, the type of breed was not known. However, according to the study, pit bulls and mixed breed dogs were most apt to bite children and were more apt to cause significant damage when doing so. The study found that dogs weighing between 66 and 100 pounds with wide, short heads were also apt to bite children.

Children may not always be aware of the risks that dogs can pose. Unfortunately, if a child suffers a dog bite, he or she could suffer torn tissue, broken bones and emotional trauma. Very severe cases may require reconstructive surgery, as well as other medical care. When these medical expenses mount, parents may be unable to cope financially. After all, they just want their child to return to good health. In situations like this, parents may want to hold the owner of the dog responsible for the bite that injured their child.

In Georgia a dog owner can be strictly liable for damages their animal causes as if they fall under one of two conditions. One condition is if the dog is found to be “vicious or dangerous.” The second condition is if the canine was legally required to be leashed, but instead was out without any restraints. If these conditions are not met, however, it may still be possible to pursue compensation under the general theory of negligence.

No one wants to see someone suffer a dog bite, especially if the victim is a child. When a child is bitten by a dog, it can cause extensive damage for which the victim may want to be compensated. While under certain circumstances this may be possible, readers should not base any legal action on the general information found in this post. Dog bite attorneys in Georgia may be able to explain the state’s laws regarding dog bites and whether dog owners are responsible for their pet’s actions.