Penalties may apply for running a red light in Georgia

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Traffic Violations

Despite their best intentions, many drivers find that they are running late once they get themselves into their vehicles and head off toward their destinations. As Georgia residents know, the roads and highways of the state are subject to speed limits, and when drivers allegedly exceed those limits they may be ticketed and penalized by law enforcement officials. There is other conduct that may be penalized by police officers that individuals may allegedly or inadvertently do when they are hurrying from place to place.

One action that can land a driver with a traffic violation ticket is allegedly running a red light. A red light on a Georgia road is an indicator that a car must stop until a green light indicates it is safe to proceed. When green traffic lights transition to red lights, yellow lights first illuminates to warn a driver that a stop may be necessary.

Not all yellow lights are long enough to cross through intersections, and when drivers get caught in intersections with red lights they may be stopped and ticketed. While some drivers may choose to attempt to get through lighted intersections when stopping may be a more advisable choice, others may be caught in the impossible situation of driving responsibly and still appearing to break traffic laws.

Drivers who are ticketed for red light violations and other traffic infractions may choose to fight their tickets to protect their driving privileges. With the help of committed traffic violation defense attorneys, some drivers may be able to overcome the allegations made against them and continue to drive on the roads of Georgia.

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