Helping you take action following a dog bite

Owning a pet is very typical for residents in Georgia. For those that consider themselves dog people, there are many responsibilities that come with being a dog owner. This goes beyond ensuring that their dog is fed, bathed, healthy and taken care of. Dog owners have the responsibility of protecting the public from their dog. While it may not be apparent that a dog has dangerous propensities, if a dog owner fails to warn visitors about their dog’s behaviors or allows their dog to run at large, the dog owner may be responsible for any injuries caused by the dog.

Because dogs are considered “man’s best friend,” individuals do not often think of dogs as dangerous. Nonetheless, these domesticated animals can have dangerous propensities, causing serious harm to those involved in a dog attack. At Balbo & Gregg, Attorneys at Law, PC, our experienced attorneys understand how traumatic these events can be. Thus, our goal is to help individuals who have suffered a dog bite in the Richmond Hill area take action to protect their rights.

Negligent dog owners are often the cause of dog bites. Thus, our law firm is focused on what caused the incident to occur. Was the dog restrained or contained on the property? Was the dog provoked? Did the dog owner fail to take certain steps that would protect visitors or stranger? This information can help us fight to recover compensation for the damages suffered by our client.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s dog bite website. A dog bite can be very traumatic for a victim. It can be a very difficult and emotional event, causing some victims to require significant medical attention and a lasting fear of dogs. In these matters, it is important to explore your rights. Our law firm is dedicated at helping our clients understand how a personal injury action could help them recover compensation and hold a negligent dog owner accountable.