How do I challenge a speeding ticket in Georgia if I live out of state?

Whether passing through or taking a short stay in Georgia, a speeding ticket can significantly affect your driving record long-term. In some cases, your ticket may become a permanent part of your driving record or you may return to your state of residence only to have your license suspended after paying the ticket.

If you do not live in Georgia and plan to fight a speeding ticket, here are considerations for how to challenge the ticket.

Determine the jurisdiction

The jurisdiction that issued that ticket will have specific filing deadlines for you to meet to contest the speeding ticket. Additionally, if you choose to consult a Georgia lawyer on your case, you will need to know the issuing jurisdiction to hire someone familiar with those courts.

File for discovery

In Georgia, you can file a demand for discovery in speeding ticket cases. The information can add value to your case and act as a negotiation point should the prosecution fail to provide it before your trial.

Appear in court

It is imperative that you not miss your court date and come prepared to defend yourself. The prosecution must provide sufficient proof of your speeding.

Consider negotiation

Many times, you can negotiate with the prosecution for a lesser charge. If you can negotiate a reduced plea below the reporting threshold, there is no requirement to inform the state of residence of your ticket.

It is essential to understand that speeding is a misdemeanor offense in Georgia, which means you could be subject to jail time. Especially if your ticket is for a serious violation, such as super speeding or reckless driving, challenging your speeding ticket will be much like defending against a criminal offense.

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