What is involved with a mandated DUI course in Georgia?

| Aug 30, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Georgia law requires that anyone convicted of a DUI must take a DUI Risk Reduction course.

According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, these courses include two parts: an assessment component and an intervention component. You must complete both to finish the course successfully and reinstate your license.

Two required parts of the course

The first part of the course is the NEEDS Assessment, which is a 130-question written test that assesses your knowledge of how drugs and alcohol affect your ability to drive safely. The second part is a 20-hour in-person group class. It takes place over the course of several days and includes formal lessons and group counseling. Online DUI risk reduction classes are not a substitute for these 20 hours.

Attendance, punctuality and costs

You must attend each class session, and you must arrive on time. The administrators on site can refuse your entry to the room if you are late. If this happens, you will have to pay the full cost of the course that you missed, re-enroll in a new course and pay for that one too. Each course costs $355. Anyone who is absent or leaves early may also have to pay the full cost and re-enroll. Once you sign the contract to attend your DUI course, you should make it a top priority to attend and stay for the whole time.

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