3 punishable but little-known Georgia driving laws

| May 3, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Receiving multiple traffic citations in Georgia can lead to massive fines, mandatory driver’s education course attendance, higher insurance rates and points on your license.

While you may know about obvious traffic violations associated with running a red light or driving under the influence, here are some lesser know traffic laws to be aware of in Georgia.

1. The move-over law

If you see an emergency vehicle with its lights flashing parked on the side of the road or shoulder of a highway, this requires that you move over one lane of traffic. If there are cars in the way or other conditions that make it unsafe to move over one lane, drivers must travel below the posted speed limit. Failing to move over could result in a $500 fine.

2. The slowpoke law

A 2014 Georgia makes it a driver’s legal obligation to move the middle or right lane when driving in the left lane and a fast-moving car approaches. Despite going the speed limit, your obligation is to move over and allow the rear driver to pass you. If you do not move over, you could face up to $1,000 in fines and three points on your license.

3. The hands-free law

Although most drivers are aware of the requirement to be hands-free when operating a cell phone while driving, Georgia law prohibits the phone from touching any part of your body. House Bill 673 makes watching a video while driving illegal or touching the screen to shuffle your playlist.

Serious traffic violations can lead to a suspended license or jail time. Though these are not serious infractions, you can face a penalty if caught breaking one of these laws.