How to remove points from a Georgia driver’s license

Like many other states, Georgia uses a system in which drivers accrue points on their licenses for traffic violations.

Accumulating too many points can have serious consequences, including a license suspension. However, there are ways a driver can reduce points and avoid negative outcomes.

Georgia’s point system

Different traffic offenses range in how many points they add to a license. For instance, moderate speeding at a rate of 15-19 miles per hour over the limit is worth two points. Reckless driving can result in four additional points on a license. A maximum point value of six corresponds to more serious offenses like aggressive driving and passing a school bus illegally. Increased points on a driver’s license can result in higher insurance premiums. Furthermore, a driver who receives 15 or more points within a period of 24 months faces an automatic driver’s license suspension.

Reducing points on a license

Fortunately, Georgia provides a pathway for drivers to reduce the total number of points from their driver’s licenses. Once every five years, a driver can remove seven points by requesting a points reduction and taking a driver improvement course. By enrolling in a course, drivers can review traffic laws, master defensive driving techniques and learn to manage distractions on the road. Successful completion of a driver improvement program can encourage safer driving and enable drivers to avoid license suspension and issues obtaining affordable insurance.

The point system in Georgia aims to prevent traffic incidents and create consequences for driving offenses. However, accumulating points can cause hardships for drivers, especially those who face license suspensions. Thus, it is possible for Georgia drivers to improve their road safety skills and remove up to seven license points every five years.

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