Georgia: A tough place to have bad credit

Debt struggles can significantly damage a person’s credit score. A bad credit score can create a lot of challenges for a person. This may particularly be the case here in Georgia.

Many things impact what life is like for individuals with bad credit scores. This includes where they live. Each state has its own unique factors that can impact just how difficult things are when you have such a score.

A recent report looked into which states are the best and worst for those with lower credit scores. In coming up with the rankings, a variety of factors were reviewed, including overall state financial health, usury laws and cost of living.

Georgia was found to be among the five worst places in the U.S. to have a bad credit score. Specifically, it ranked 4th worst overall. Things that contributed to the state’s poor rank include high numbers of debt collectors and high levels of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau complaints.

How challenging of a place do you think Georgia is for those dealing with credit struggles?

The study’s findings underscore how important it is for individuals here in Georgia to respond promptly when debt starts to become overwhelming. The longer debt problems go on, the more time such problems can have to lower one’s credit score and cause other financial harm. The findings also underscore how important it can be for people in Georgia to pay attention to credit score issues when deciding how to address debt struggles.

So, when debt problems arise, it can be key for people to understand how the different options they could pursue, including bankruptcy options (like Chapter 7), could impact their credit score. It can also be important for them to get advice on how likely each option would be to put them in a place where they could start rebuilding their credit and rehabilitating their credit score.

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