Do minor rear-end collisions bring concussion risks?

Rear-end collisions in Georgia, or anywhere in the world, could lead to disastrous outcomes. The vehicle traveling at high speed could cause enormous injury upon crashing into a vehicle. Victims could suffer spinal damage or even fatalities due to the force. Thankfully, many rear-end collisions occur at low speeds causing minor collision damage. Sometimes, the victim gets hurt and “merely” suffers from a concussion. Dismissing problems with a concussion could lead to dire consequences, as concussions could be severe.

Concussions, rear-end collisions, and dangers

When the driver and passenger wear their seatbelts, a rear-end collision might not result in the body hitting the steering wheel or windshield. That said, a seat has limitations. In a low-speed rear-end collision, the impact might drive the body backward and forward and result in the head coming into contact with a headrest.

Does the victim face a high risk of a concussion? Studies reveal that concussion risks might be minimal when the rear-end collisions involve low speeds. “Minimal” and “negligible” do not mean zero chance of a concussion. A person could suffer a concussion and not know it, which is why seeking a medical evaluation after an auto accident seems advisable.

Worries about concussions and other injuries

Not seeking treatment for a concussion could lead to problems. Concussions might cause several troubling symptoms, such as vomiting and a lack of mental clarity. Bleeding on the brain may occur, and vomiting could lead to choking.

Suffice to say, anyone who suffers a head injury may benefit from a medical examination. A common suggestion says anyone involved in an automobile accident should seek a medical evaluation. Sometimes, injuries may not manifest symptoms until much later. The injury might not be a concussion, either. Another injury may result from a “mild” rear-end incident.

Also, the notion that concussion risks are low doesn’t always apply to people who previously suffered concussions. A person who already suffered a concussion may be more at risk for another one.

Did someone’s negligence contribute to the MVA? If so, then speaking with an attorney might be necessary. A concussion or another injury could lead to experience costs that require compensation.