Don’t get stuck with a Fourth of July DUI

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | DUI

Between the many barbeques and parties, fireworks and parades that Georgia residents will attend over the Fourth of July week many individuals will have to spend significant time in their vehicles. This is because all throughout the state individuals want to pass their time with the friends and family members that they love the most. And while they are in their vehicles and on their way to their destinations, police officers will be out in full force to watch for allegedly illegal conduct.

Drunk driving is a major concern for law enforcement officials over the Fourth of July. Because of this, local agencies may send out more officers to patrol and may set up more sobriety checkpoints to make sure drivers are not in violation of the state’s drunk driving laws.

While drunk driving is a dangerous practice it is also a commonly misidentified condition in drivers. Errors committed by law enforcement officials in the application of field sobriety and breathalyzer tests, problematic searches during stops and other major issues can mar the results that law enforcement officials obtain when they claim they have identified and arrested intoxicated drivers.

Balbo & Gregg, attorneys at law, want the readers of their legal blog to have safe and fun Fourth of July celebrations. As defense attorneys, though, they know that some individuals will be directly affected by drunk driving enforcement efforts and may be wrongly charged with drunk driving crimes. For those who emerge from the holiday week with DUI charges pending against them, the law firm of Balbo & Gregg is available to provide DUI defense representation and counsel.

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