Should you hire a lawyer for traffic violations?

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2018 | Traffic Violations

With as much driving as we all do, from going to work, running errands or getting the kids to activities, it may be inevitable that at some point you may get a ticket. There are tickets that can seem very simple and straightforward, while others can quickly become more serious and lead to harsher consequences than you had planned. If you have received a traffic violation, you may be tempted to defend the charges on your own. That may not be a good idea, here are some reasons why.

You don’t fully understand the traffic laws

You may feel you have a good grasp of driving laws since you have been behind the wheel for quite some time. That may be the case, but many times there can be extenuating circumstances that you may not comprehend. This is when having an expert attorney who may work daily on interpreting both state and local traffic laws can come in handy. Knowing the right questions to ask and what the proper procedures are for traffic violations can be very integral to helping you with your case.

Gathering information and evidence about your case

Evidence is one of the most critical ways to get the results of a case to shift in your favor. With your busy schedule and lack of understanding about how you can gather strong evidence to support your case, an attorney can often be there for the rescue. Whether it be securing video footage or getting eyewitness testimony, the challenges of getting these important pieces of evidence can easily be left up to your attorney.


Every year, Americans pay around $6 billion just for speeding tickets. Many times, the fees associated with those tickets can be negotiated down. If you have an attorney who is comfortable and experienced speaking with prosecutors, you will most likely have a better chance of having your ticket lowered or even thrown out than if you are on your own.

Representation in court

Whether it is a moving violation, a speeding ticket or something more serious like a DUI, the result of these infractions can quickly turn to a suspended license and possibly something worse. The presentation you give in court should be accompanied by an attorney to dismiss any chance of being dis-organized or generally providing incorrect details about the infraction. It is easy to be intimidated and stressed while in court, especially if you are alone. The help of an attorney can ease these emotions.

You may have had no intention of violating a traffic law while you were driving, but this does not mean your defense will play out to your satisfaction. It is easy for circumstances you are not aware of to veer out of control when defending yourself. Having an attorney with you will give you the best opportunity to get your violation reduced or dismissed.

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