What happens if my Uber driver gets in an accident?

Ridesharing services, like Uber, have become popular alternatives to taxi services. However, everything comes with a risk, and one of the risks to ridesharing services is being in an accident.

    If your Uber driver gets into an accident while you are in the car, you should plan to take the following steps:

    • Call 911. Having police on scene will help to make sure the accident is documented in a police report. Be sure to also request an ambulance if you or anyone else is injured.
    • Take pictures of the vehicle and keep all documentation regarding your ride, such as your receipt and the name of your driver.
    • Get the contact information for any witnesses.

    Also, Uber recommends you contact the company through the Uber App on your phone. You can do this by clicking “Trip Issues and Fare Adjustments,” then “I was in an accident.”

    Can I sue Uber?

    Except in rare circumstances, you would not be able to sue Uber directly because Uber drivers are considered independent contractors not employees. This means the company can deny liability for incidents that their drivers may cause.

    If you were injured in a car accident and you wanted to file a lawsuit to receive compensation for your medical bills, you would sue the at-fault driver. That means that if your Uber driver was at-fault, you would sue him or her. If another motorist was at-fault, that is who you would have to sue.

    Uber drivers and underinsured motorists may not be able to fully cover expensive medical bills if you were seriously injured in the accident. This is why Uber has a $1 million liability policy and a $1 million underinsured motorist policy. If the at-fault driver cannot pay for your medical expenses, you may still be able to receive compensation through one of these policies.

    Accidents can happen anywhere, even when you are utilizing a ridesharing service. This is why it is important to be prepared by knowing what to do if your Uber driver gets in an accident and what your options are if you are injured in that accident.

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