Distracted driving a growing concern in Georgia

Motorists are face with many factors that can disrupt the driving experience. For the most part, heavy traffic can make for a challenging commute in Georgia and elsewhere; however, the biggest concern for those traveling on the roadways are situations that could lead to a motor vehicle accident. Distracted driving continues to be a growing problem on the roads, as motorists are faced with compulsions to use their phone and other technology while driving.

As a means to curb the number of accidents caused by distracted driving, Georgia, among other states, implemented laws that specifically ban handheld phone usage while driving. With it being over a year since Georgia’s hands-free law passed, law enforcement is under the impression that motorists across the state have not gotten the message.

Based on their current numbers, it initially showed promise, as many motorists tried to follow the law shortly after it went into effect. However, it was clear that drivers soon fell back into bad habits, using their phones while driving. This has resulted in 2,179 injuries and 25 fatalities from January 1 to July 26.

Because they seek to reduce these numbers, law enforcement has set up distracted driving details. In their most recent detail in Clayton County, law enforcement was able to issue 70 citations during a two-day operation which illustrates that the problem with distracted driving persists.

It is important that accident victims explore whether distracted driving was the cause of a crash, and if so, what steps are necessary to help them hold a negligent motorist accountable for their actions. A personal injury claim could help a victim recover compensation. This monetary award could be used to address medical bills, pain and suffering, rehabilitation, lost wages and other losses.