3 misconceptions about Georgia’s driving laws

Georgia has a variety of strict driving laws, and the state does not go out of its way to explain all of them. You might receive a fine or penalty without realizing you broke a traffic law.

Unfortunately, ignorance is not a defense. To avoid fines, license suspensions or worse, see below for three common misconceptions about driving laws in Georgia.

1. You cannot hold your phone

Using a device while driving is generally a bad idea. It is almost always illegal to talk on the phone or text while your vehicle is in motion. However, some exceptions do exist. It is not unlawful to use hands-free technology to talk on your phone. You can also use speech-to-text if you need to send a text message. Even with these exceptions, you should avoid using an electronic device to avoid misunderstandings with the police.

2. Insurance minimums do not cover passengers

You might have enough car insurance according to Georgia law, but it might not be enough to protect you from a lawsuit. According to the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire, you only need insurance for bodily injury and property damage. This does not cover passengers in your vehicle or other drivers.

3. The fast lane is legally recognized

Finally, many drivers do not realize they can receive a traffic ticket for going the speed limit. Though rare, if you drive in the left lane on the highway and do not move over for faster drivers, a police officer might give you a ticket. Georgia considers slow driving in an improper lane dangerous to other motorists.

Sometimes traffic stops seem unfair. Protect yourself by understanding Georgia driving laws and going above and beyond the requirements.

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