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Distracted driving a growing concern in Georgia

Motorists are face with many factors that can disrupt the driving experience. For the most part, heavy traffic can make for a challenging commute in Georgia and elsewhere; however, the biggest concern for those traveling on the roadways are situations that could lead to a motor vehicle accident. Distracted driving continues to be a growing problem on the roads, as motorists are faced with compulsions to use their phone and other technology while driving.

Helping you recover damages following a car accident

As any resident in Georgia can attest, traffic can get pretty heavy during the early morning and evening work commutes. These normal traffic jams can cause motor vehicle accidents, however, serious crashes can also occur when there is less traffic on the roadways. These crashes are often due to the negligence of others, such as distracted drivers, reckless drivers or drunk drivers. Thus, when an accident occurs, victims should explore the cause and determine whether a negligent motorist could be held accountable for the crash.

Legal support may be necessary after a car accident

Most Georgia residents are not prepared to handle the financial, emotional, and legal challenges that come up when they are involved in motor vehicle accidents. While they may consider what they would do if they were faced with an unexpected emergency, they may not know what laws exist to support them if they had to file a legal claim to recover their losses. This is where the support of a committed legal advocate can come into play.

What is the statute of limitations for car accidents in Georgia?

A car accident can happen in a split-second, but for those injured in them the aftereffects of the crash could last a lifetime. When a person is injured in a motor vehicle accident, they may incur hefty medical and rehabilitation bills. They may be unable to work for a period, resulting in lost wages. A car accident victim may also experience pain and suffering, along with emotional trauma. It is a lot to deal with, especially if the collision was the fault of another.

Motor vehicle accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an injury to a person's brain. This form of injury can be caused by many different events and often results when the brain is subjected to external blows of force or to penetration from objects that pierce the skull. Georgia residents who experience these injuries can face different side effects and can have a significant recovery period as they work to regain their health.

Who can be held responsible for motor vehicle accidents?

After an automobile accident, a Georgia resident can suffer pain from their injuries, financial hardships from being unable to work and property losses from the damage their vehicle sustained. Getting back on their feet can be a challenge, especially if their harm was caused by the negligence of another party. When irresponsible drivers put others in harm's way and cause them to suffer damages, victims may want to pursue a legal claim for compensation.

Two friends die in fiery collision in Georgia

Some friends look out for each other like they are actually family. That can mean that they will drop what they are doing to help each other out and come to their friends' aid when needed. This is just what happened not long ago in Bleckley County, Georgia, when two young adults from Macon went to help another friend in need after he became stuck on an interstate.

Contributory negligence in Georgia motor vehicle accidents

A car accident in Georgia can occur for many reasons. A change in road or weather conditions may force a driver to make an unexpected action that leads to a collision. The failure of a driver to pay attention to their surroundings may result in a distracted driving accident. Every motor vehicle accident will have a cause that is related to its unique facts and circumstances.

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